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ABOUT the Pullman Jazz Society


The Pullman Jazz Society serves the musical artists, audiences and students of the Pullman and Roseland communities through five primary, inter-connected areas of activity: Concert Presentation, Communication, Educational Programming, Community Leadership and Special Programs.

Our programs benefit the thousands of audiences, artists, students and educators we serve, as well as the art form of music itself. We are dedicated to building jazz audiences of all ages and raising long-term awareness of jazz and classical music in culturally underserved areas. We also serve general music audiences who are eager for a more substantial concert experience, including musical performances in multiple languages via diverse genres of vocal and instrumental presentations. We provide concert opportunities for aspiring musicians to hone their performance skills and gain inspiration for their own artistic trajectories. In short, we support emerging and lesser-known artists whose work relies on arts organizations like ours for wider exposure.

Every 3rd Friday Pullman Jazz Society hosts an open mic/jam session at Refuge Live! 416 S. Clark Street.

Each show features local artists. 

ABOUT BabiDoll


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Pullman resident Margarita El (BabiDoll) grew up in the nearby Roseland community and believes in preparing future generations for success in artistic performance and renewing hope in those who feel it’s too late to pursue their dreams. Noticing a desperate need for high-quality live-music on Chicago’s south side, she founded the Pullman Jazz Society to be a catalyst for change by bringing more refined music to neighborhoods that have been overlooked by most patrons of the arts.



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