Though it has not been my career, I’ve had an interest in Art and Design my entire life.  I was lucky enough to have some exposure to art as a child – and after a long hiatus of not doing much with it, have been back doing art work for at least  6 years, to  lesser or greater degrees.  Lately I have been learning oils , which has been interesting and fun.

 My primary interest subject matter wise is nature, people, living things- I find I am interested in the energy all around us and this informs my abstracts as well. I’ve never taken a class  in abstracts, but would be interested in pursuing this.  Material wise, I have done charcoal, pastels ( some ) and now oil.  I love color  and was interested in learning oil so  that I could master such a resilient and  beautiful medium.  I expect I will be doing this for some time to come.

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